Frugal Living


Ditching Cable TV
New services and technology make cutting the cable easier than ever!

My Story: 14 Ways We Save Money
Which ones would save your family money?

Optimize Your Cell Phone Bill
Two ways to cut your cell phone bill

How to Save Money on your Monthly Technology Bill
Technology doesn’t have to cost a bundle

Cut Costs by Eliminating Disposables
They’re supposed to make our lives simpler, but do they?

Sacred Cows
Could you slay the 'little extravagance'?

Recession Proof Your Family Finances
Take control of your destiny

How to Tighten Your Belt in Tough Times
Small savings can avert a crisis

Time to Tighten the Belt
Having a plan for the hard times

Black Belt Tightwads
Frugal experts share their best money-saving secrets

How Tightfisted Are You?
Take this quiz and find out where you are in your frugal journey

My Story: Living Frugally
What this professional tells his clients

100 tips to help you save
With the economy heading for the doldrums, here are 100 tips to help you save money in all areas of your life

Frugal Ethics
When frugal becomes just plain cheap.

Too Frugal?
Frugal living in balance

Work Together To Save Money
Ways to work communally for savings

4 tips for thrift store shopping
Here are some ways shoppers can boost their odds of finding a deal at consignment and thrift stores

Stock up on staples for pennies
Household staples such as aluminum foil, shampoo, conditioner, Band-Aids and toothpaste can be the straw that breaks the camel's back in the grocery budget, unless you know how to shop wisely

Haggling 101
You can always ask for a better deal

In Black and White
Your newspaper offers great savings opportunities

Using ROI at Home
A framework for good decisions

Maximize Your Money
Getting the most out of your money

Responding to Frugal Envy
How do you respond to people who are jealous of the benefits you've acquired through frugal living?

Finding a Frugal Mate
How to find your frugal soul mate.

Finding Frugal Friends
How do you connect with like-minded people?

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